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Heavenly Blue ~ A Kosher Look at Tzitzitot:  How are kosher LINEN Tzitzits made and what dye should be used that measures 613 terra hertz of frequency which is the same  number of 613 commandments in Torah?!  Find out by LISTENING to Episode 40 dated 4/18/13 @ www.MessianicLAMBRadio.com/RemnantRadio.html where Nitza interviews Rivka about her new upcoming book about the secrets of HEAVENLY BLUE. 

You can NOW purchase these Kosher 100% Irish Linen 4-Cord Tzitzit Sets that are ALL NATURAL and hand spun and dyed by Rivka at www.RemnantRemedy.net under the SHaySH/Linen Category.  These Kosher, Shatnez Free, Rabbi Approved sets are Untied.


You can also purchase TIED 100% LINEN Tzitzits designed and tied by Yahenniyah or check out our 100% LINEN THREAD available in lace, regular or tzitzit weight for you to make your own linen garments or tzitzits.

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  1. I am not sure exactly what you are referring to unless you are wondering why our kosher tzit-tzits are colored sea blue green instead of the blue that is most commonly seen. The color referred to in Numbers is TeCHeaLeT which is a sea blue green (according to those who are fluent in Hebrew) and the word KoHL which is a blue. I realize this can be confusing because the Strong’s Concordance state that TeCHeaLeT is violet blue or indigo color. However, our brothers and sisters of Judah and rabbis state that there is a distinction between TeCHeaLeT and KoHL and that TeCHeaLeT is a sea blue green, for a description and information, be sure to LISTEN to the interview with my special guest Rivka Sari on the topic at http://www.messianicdirectory.info/archive/remnant2.html — then scroll down to Episode 40 dated 4/18/13 titled Heavenly Blue.

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