Remnant Remedy Tours Israel: Episode #7 – AMaR vs. DaBaR Introduction

Nitza Moshe teaches on Shabbat at Biblical Tamar Park in the Arava Desert of Israel. Why does haSatan want to DIGITIZE YOUR WORLD? Nitza shares an overview about frequencies and energies and how it relates to Scriptures, prayer, fasting, energy medicine, how Yeshua/Jesus healed and aroma for our present day and in future prophecy.March 16, 2019 Israel Tour

Remnant Remedy Tours Israel: Episode #6 – Bellofri Ein Nashut Winery, Golan Heights

Tammi of Bellofri Ein Nashut Winery takes us through a tour of the family winery, ancient olive presses, art work and restaurant which is built entirely with recycled materials in Kidmat Zvi, Golan Heights, Israel. The plates were each hand made from clay and the food was authentic Israeli home cooking which was an AMAZING & AWESOME experience! Make reservations …